Broken Soul

Surrounded by demons

Voices that never keep quiet

A God who preaches love but does nothing as evil reigns

Scenery of broken dreams and hopeless souls

The sun brings visual night tremors

And the night brings glorious dreams

My prayers lack faith

My voice goes unheard

My words bring about conflict

My heart aches with every beat

But I wait for the Apocalypse

For self harm can only do so much for the mind


I despise life

I hate life

The cruelty and pain that comes with it

The brief Joy and happiness

That we can easily find in a bottle of liquor

You livr everyday and die once

But what say you?

Smile and be strong?

It will get better?

Not all stories have a happy ending

Do not assume the best always

Man has made life wicked

Spilled innocent blood

And gread and lust rules his heart

He has turned himself into an abomination to nature itself

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger

Of late, I have decoded that statement and found it full of bull.

I have not slept well in a couple weeks now and I literally am walking dead.

Is this the day I just fall and pass out? Plus my bad eating habit is not helping.

With a mental mind, they do not make me stronger but kill me slowly. Like real slow.

They destroy me over and over and over. Like the game you like and then you meet that “level from hell” ( like Satan was, yes let us see how she/he deals with this). Ha!

What I believe makes you stronger is happiness.

It is appropriate for people to look at me in the morning and say, Jonathan? You are strong. You survived the storm of the night with your demons 😊

During the fight, people are like, you are strong enough, you can do this, I believe in you and more stuff that personally just kill my confidence in what I was doing. But that’s just me.

I haven’t really explained why happiness makes you stronger.

I should have had thought about this longer.

Be merry and please if you have read this, let me know what makes you stronger.

It will help me a lot.

Man Judge/ God


Why do you feel far?

Why do I swim in these high and low tides?

One minute I am surrounded by sharks

and the other I swim among little fishes.

Your voice seems distorted

and your words are complicated

filled with parables and mysteries.

Your children lush out leaving me standing on the fact that you exist

But ending up losing faith in your diluted words.

They seem twisted and rewritten by man.

Losing their beautiful warmth and character.

Fading from one hand and print.

For years you have watched

and allowed this chaos and blasphemy,

the defamation of your words

from century to century.

So are your words still true and virtuous?

Angels fall


Demons are fallen Angels

Who try to understand why God

Loves humans so much and turn

Into the black sheep of the family

With no way to redeem themselves.

No longer welcome home.

Humans are souls trapped in a body

Wanting to be God.

Envying angels who live in paradise

And next to the creator.

They can redeem themselves

But their hearts still prefer to satisfy

Themselves with bodily wants and needs

That do not please the creator.