They say fire purifies

I look deep into it

And imagine me burn

Engulfed by scorching flames

Screaming to my hearts content

Yet wear a smirk on my face

I will burn and turn to ash

Leaving all I was behind

And becoming one with the universe


We all need a hand

Sometimes the pain fades away

And sometimes it builds up

You pretend to be numb

But when the world sleeps

You turn off the lights and lock your door

Lay down on your bed or floor

Tears run down your cheeks

As you hold back mourns from gushing out of your mouth

Your heart hurts and you wonder how you never have a seizure

Some of you fight of a panic attack

It is too much to get other people engaged

You comfort yourself by saying it is your battle

And sometimes

Someone is seated outside your locked door

They do not know how to help

But they seat there hoping that one night

You will let them in

They wait for a day you will mourn in their arms

And the darkness won’t be so dark anymore

Broken Soul

Surrounded by demons

Voices that never keep quiet

A God who preaches love but does nothing as evil reigns

Scenery of broken dreams and hopeless souls

The sun brings visual night tremors

And the night brings glorious dreams

My prayers lack faith

My voice goes unheard

My words bring about conflict

My heart aches with every beat

But I wait for the Apocalypse

For self harm can only do so much for the mind

State of mind

I’m like an ocean

Being rocked back and forth
I am better some days and some nights it’s a nightmare
It slowly creeps up on me
I know longer feel it coming
I am it’s pray and it hunts me
I wish I could cry
To feel better
To be better
But it leaves me lost in thought
With pain that numbs me
I sit paralyzed
Wishing I could talk to someone
But all I am is my own medicine and destruction