fairy boy

History of a Heart

(technical error, unable to indent stanzas. Four lines in a stanza)

There was a boy with a world in his head,

A world of magnificent wonder.

There he lived all alone

Or so was assumed by others.

There she stood, the Fairy Queen

And looked at the King so sweetly.

The boy he smiled and sat down

To gaze upon them lovelies.

Never would they know, the King and Queen,

That the boy did see them truly

All they saw was silence, they thought,

For they did not know they were fairies.

For the King and Queen lived in another world,

And never could enter his home.

For the boy was trapped in agony,

And was without a single key.

So the Queen would sit and watch,

And pray for the boy to love her.

She didn’t know that she was the Queen,

She didn’t know she was a fairy.

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