Mind games…

The voices that whispered in your head

Now haunt you when it’s quiet and the moon is at its peak.

They sound so near,

So close you can feel and hear them physically.

The clouds are gray and the breeze is calm.

You want to say a prayer but fail.

You hold back tears and light a cigarette for sanity’s sake.

The voices get louder and your mind weaker.

You watch your hands shake and wait for the nicotine to kick in.

You still do not understand why…

You in pain and your chi is not in sync.

Tears run down your chicks as you gaze at the sky hoping somewhere up there, heaven is still open.

You remember every scene on how you have messed up in life;

The words you would love to take back,

The actions you regret you ever took.

Fear squeezes your heart and your mind is over thrown by millions of thoughts at once

You feel like you need more air yet you are under the clouds gazing at the dark blue sky.

You stand up and pace from right to left,

Trying to calm your mind down.

You look around in the dark and wonder where the voices are coming from.

You try once more to pray

Yet still, you have no words to tell your creator.


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