Phoenix on fire

A piece of me is dead,

And other pieces fade away each passing night.

With no reason of existence,

I stare at the moon and whisper,

“It is only in my mind.

I can change if I want too, right?

People think I do it deliberately;

That I choose to be this way.

But everything hurts.

The shadows are more welcoming and clearer,

Than the light, distorted in every generation.

Its so loud and empty inside,

Leaving me lonely and gray.

Nothing seems to fill this void that slowly sucks life out of me.

It pretends to be slave while its master over me.

I am left undriven.

Like a boat been directed by the ocean waves in a storm.

I close my eyes hoping death visits me,

But it eludes me just like sleep when I need it most.


I am Jonathan.

No, you cannot help me.

My mind is a maze that happy pills get lost in it too.



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