What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger

Of late, I have decoded that statement and found it full of bull.

I have not slept well in a couple weeks now and I literally am walking dead.

Is this the day I just fall and pass out? Plus my bad eating habit is not helping.

With a mental mind, they do not make me stronger but kill me slowly. Like real slow.

They destroy me over and over and over. Like the game you like and then you meet that “level from hell” ( like Satan was, yes let us see how she/he deals with this). Ha!

What I believe makes you stronger is happiness.

It is appropriate for people to look at me in the morning and say, Jonathan? You are strong. You survived the storm of the night with your demons 😊

During the fight, people are like, you are strong enough, you can do this, I believe in you and more stuff that personally just kill my confidence in what I was doing. But that’s just me.

I haven’t really explained why happiness makes you stronger.

I should have had thought about this longer.

Be merry and please if you have read this, let me know what makes you stronger.

It will help me a lot.


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