Healing Faith

With my big heart,

I cry out to Jehovah.

Lost with no purpose and over thinking every direction,

I bow before a God most think is imaginary.

I cry out to Him, asking Him to draw me closer to Him;

For I have hit a barrier I cannot break and it has left me hopeless.

What is the next play on this Chess Board where I stand as a pawn?

I find myself crying out and yearning for a God I will never understand.

He knows I often fail to trust Him.

I have failed Him and in guilt and loss of hope I have turned away from Him.

But my soul grieves and my heart cries out to be more aware of who He is and His presence.

To walk more with His Son and Words.

I feel the darkness fading,

Yet it still fights to cling on.

With so many broken pieces,

What will I become?


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