When night falls,

Breathing gets heavy.

Thoughts run wild and the body lays paralyzed

and only eyes move from left to right,

filled with fear;

fear that births monsters.

I fear sunrise and the mental pain I will face

when day breaks through.

The weight of the chains around my heart and soul.

The pride of thinking I can take care of myself.

The prayers that feel like they carry no weight.

The questions on how I am doing.

They all scream at me.

I feel the fear deep in my veins;

making my heart race,

my body tremble,

and my mind implode.

The birds tweet and I smell the sun.

My demons flee to fight another night.

I now lay confused and trouble,

wearing a fake smile as I mourn inside.

No one has to know.

I whisper that “I am okay and I will be fine”,

as I struggle to get out of bed and face the world.


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