Sweet was her character and personality

And her presence was captivating and charming.

Seconds turning into minutes and minutes into hours

as her voice turned into sweet melodies.

Her presence gave me peace,

A place to belong.

She became home and more addictive than nicotine.

Her smile broke walls around my heart and fluttered my butterflies

Leaving me wanting more.

She was my escape from my world and she broke down my masks,

Making my demons scream and calming ravaging thoughts.

Oh, how I feel fast,

Leaving holes to fill and scars to tend.

I gaze at my phone hoping it’s a text or phone call

saying I want as much as you wanted me.

I yearn for her presence yet fear losing my mind when its all done.

Scars remain fresh,

Making them bleed again as we walk past with no words uttered.

Fearing eye contact and questions like how are you

While deep down tearing up again; wearing a mask and acting fine.

Beating myself up.

Maybe I wasn’t good enough or worth to fight for.


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