My lonely friend


I am inspired by darkness.

It sounds creepy and dark yet before light darkness reigned.

Because of sad events I only felt free when man was asleep.

I felt like a giant moving in the dark nights silence,

With no one to call me names or accuse me of doing something I didn’t not do.

No one to raise their fists at me or make fun of me.

It was only me and the darkness.

Eventually I walked in love with the moon,

Unlike the sun

It holds secrets and even her sad smile is charming.

She hears my stories without me uttering a word and then she breaks down for me.

She shines brighter when I am numb

And gets dimmer when I am breaking.

Even when surrounded by stars,

She remains my loneliest friend.

A friend who shares all the hidden secrets of the night

With a lonely man who gives her time to listen.


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