walking away


She dropped her bag in shock as she opened the door. Their stood the man she once loved and promised to fight for. He gazed at her like he always does, his eyes dazzling with love.

She could see that he was broken.

He sighed as he walked towards her.

Does it feel like magic when he touches you? He asked. Do his lips test like heaven when they collide with yours? He caressed her face as tears slowly slid down her chicks.

His heart ached as he tried to swallow his words.

Has he promised you the moon? When he wraps his arms around you, does time stop and make your butterflies go ecstatic in your tummy? Does your heart rush when you see him? Do you get excited when you think of seeing him again?

I’m sorry I couldn’t fulfill my promises but I am not sorry for loving you. I’m sorry for not being the man I said I will be for you. I hope he treats you better than I ever did.

He wiped her tears and held her as tight as he could and she could feel his heart beat and its broken cry.

I will always love you he said, as he walked out of the door.


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