The End


We live in a time where we fail to connect with God.

A time where it is difficult to prove that God exists,

And so we give in to our fleshly desires and live by our own will.

Prayers go unanswered and the world prospers.

Ambassadors of Christ struggle and act more like unbelievers.

I live in a world where people who do not believe I God

Show more love and care than people who bow before God.

Christianity has become a social club,

A weekend activity and no matter how much we try

We still fail to connect with Him.

I see them give up because they believed God will provide everything for them.

The world believes in herself and the people around her.

She despises God and yet her people prosper and God seats back and allows it.

I see pain and anger; frustration in the eyes of Christians.

I watch as hope and belief in the creator disappears like smoke.

I watch as the wonder if God exist

Because they now believe more in the devil than God.



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