Ignore your psychiatrist

too polar

e2u9frzh50qyI’m not following my doctor’s advice. I’ve been messing with my Seroquel dose, trying to make my mornings easier.

Every morning is difficult, before the Nuvigil kicks in. Facing my depressed self every morning drains me — scares me. After several difficult days I sent my psychiatrist the email and my doctor’s response are below.


I’m not always taking Seroquel as asked. I’m sorry.

I’ve had some really bad days. It is still the morning, but they can be bad enough to drag through the evening.

Almost always I feel different around 4 or 5pm. I assume it is Nuvigil build up. Usually around two hours into the dose I feel a little help, and then dips around lunch. But in evenings, I’m always fine, if not possibly good.

Maybe that is some dependency I’ve developed to stimulants. But I went totally off stimulants for three months and…

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