I am destruction
A ticking time bomb
Wating for when demons take over
I cannot kill them
For if I do
I lose my angels too

I am damaged
Emotional scars soon will show on my dark skin
I can’t feel my heart beat
From all the band aids stuck around it

I am sorry
Heavens doors are closed
So I go and knock on hells gates
And become consumed by darkness itself
For that’s where it all started

I am lost
Hidden from the moon
Though she searches for me
I never allow her to wipe my tears away

I am wounded
Stuck in a place where I no longer care what happens
And breaking those around me
Deaths war cries get louder
And my soul submits
For my body has fallen
And my mind has been broken beyond repair

I am death
A corpse with a heart beat
Mummified by the creator and his creation
Hoping he will take me in his wings before the sun sets



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