Carrot top


A carrot top haired young man, walks the streets knowing he is a disappointment to his parents who detest the color of his hair as if it was a taboo. He ponders more on getting ink on his skin. Not to give them a heart attack but to show them that their old ways of thinking are long gone.

It is a common story in his culture. Him being black, is supposed to be well dressed with a sharp hair cut. But this carrot top loves tight jeans and tight shirts. He does this because clothes that fit are the best and not to show off muscle because you and I now know he is as thin as they come.

He is not well educated but when you talk to him, his words will sway you and seduce you in thinking he is a well accomplished young man. He keeps to himself, for caring becomes a burden that haunts him at night. When everyone is sleeping, he is either fighting his demons or making plans on how to help out his friends when he next meets them.


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