The eyes of Death


He turns into nothingness as he drifts slowly into a wormhole of thoughts. His body becomes numb and he lays there, on the floor, intimately gazing at the ceiling. A thought about prayer comes to mind but his numbness like a wild dog unleashed, fights of those thoughts pushing him back to nothingness.

As the clock hits 2 in the morning, in a split second he sees long thin hands rushing for his neck. His body fails to react because of its numb state. He cannot move nor scream. He lays there helpless as a face slowly appears in front of his.

It shows no emotions and he slightly sees himself in it. It looks like one of those creepy Japanese masks.

His inner voice tries to shout the name of Jesus out loud but to no avail.

Him believing there is no hope, he shows no fear as he stares into its eyes and he sees nothing but darkness and emptiness.

His body still numb and his mind no longer afraid of death, he falls back into nothingness. Allowing the creature to pull out his soul and devour it.

But suddenly the demon disappears, without a trace. His body is no longer numb and his thoughts come dashing in. Tears fall out of his face and with no sound he turns to face the floor like nothing even happened.


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