untitled #1


Feeling hollow is part of it.

Hiding your numbness so that you can feel and act normal.

His psychopathic nature immersed in what he pretends to be.

She on the other hand lives up to her character.

The world showed her what evil was at a tender age and she become its meaning.

Love has no play in her world, tatted with demons and scars.

He is lost and confused, still looking for a place to belong.

He holds back the urge to fuck the world over.

Maybe when he grows older…

He is attracted to her dark side.

It seduces him every minute he spends with her.

Like an addict he never gets enough.

She hates everything about him yet does not know why she acts different around him.

She sees a savior in his smile hiding pain similar to hers.

She has taken his loneliness away and tamed his demons.

He knows the consequences and the damage this can bring and yet he stays.

Her walls  fall every time she opens up to him.

Expecting him to walk away yet he holds her like no one has done before.


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