Picture this


Words you remembered pierce your heart anew.

The words hurt even more now than back then.

Because you thought it would be okay in a few years.

Yet it seems like those words where accurate.

So you seat down and think on them.

Not because you want too,

But because your mind puts them on a loop.

Your body feels uncomfortable.

Those words don’t just hurt emotionally but physically too.

You cannot help it,

You want the best for yourself but you have no idea what that is anymore.

You fear peoples words.

You despise people telling you it will be okay for it never gets better.

Everything good brings in something sad and dark.

Things keep getting worse and eventually you feel useless.

The thoughts of been a burden consume and so you choose to walk alone.

Alone is your safe zone and not caring about what others think becomes your Armour.

You intoxicate yourself to forget those words.

Whatever you can do to be normal, right?


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