The Dark Truth


It is different during day time.

I do over think.

I do secretly cry and hope for it to get better.

I do look at my life and wonder why I am gloomy.

I often ask myself why am I so depressed?

Why am I so worried?

How come I cannot explain it?

And what will ever give me comfort?


It is different when the moon calls.

I extremely over think.

I cry silently in my dark room and pretend that I am sleeping when someone walks in.

I face my demons and skeletons.

I think about those multiple moments I screwed up during the day.

I ask myself why I should be told over and over about the same thing.

Why can’t I change or adapt?


Am I not a Christian?

So why don’t I run to God?

It’s a question that most people ask.

I guess I just don’t want to expect anything from Him or anyone.

I guess they are things I don’t trust Him with.

But deep down, I just do not want to bother Him.

He has severe prayers He should worry about.


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