Soul mate


I am in love.

In love with the thought of having you around me.

You being my partner in love and all my dreams.

I imagine the way you will worship God.

With hands raised high and tears filled with silent words.

I feel the warmth pouring out from your heart.

The overflow of your love.

 Not just for me but for the people around you as well.

I see your beauty.

For I have been told that beauty shouldn’t just lay on the inside,

But should show outwardly as well.

You will be my Crown and Queen.

And I will stand tall and walk majestically and mighty.

For I will come to an understanding that I am never alone.

God has provided a best friend for life.

I chaff God because of you.

For He is your Father physically and spiritually.

As He molds you to be a woman of Noble character.

Daily gracing you with life and walking with you in pain and joy.

Knowing that I can never take his place.

I chaff Him.

He knows I am in love with you even though we have never met.

Mama said,

Stop playing with other men’s wives.

And since then I await the day you walk into my life.


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