Sad and Frightened Little Girl with Bloodshot and Bruised Eyes.

I sat in fear

My face filled with tears

For the one person I love

The one person to defend me

Was screaming and shouting at me

I sat mourning with a swollen body and broken soul

For every inch of it had been hit

Hit by a hand and words

I wasn’t crying because it hurt

I was crying because the one person to bell me out

Out of trouble was the one punishing me

I am just a kid trying to understand why my Knight has become my enemy

Why the words thrown at me are so heavy

I am now grown and I view everyone as an enemy

For I lost my knight a long time ago

Surrounded in a corner

Been hit as I sat frightened with no hope of any rescue

The bible says you spare a rod you spoil a child

But sometimes it gets out of hand

And its plain abuse


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