I love this diverse community of readers and writers. I read your blogs and remain in awe. I want to write like you and think like you. I want to know what inspires you.

Now in my country, we are not that exposed to books of great caliber; often we cannot afford books 😦 . And in saying that, I have this pure yet ferocious hunger for books 😉 .

I mean I am so used to my surrounding that I am not inspired enough by it. But I look at your vast places where you can go seat, think and write. I see documentaries and movies about your libraries from all over the world and I still cannot believe that they is so much resource in this world.

I want to be exposed to that.

I remember a few years back, a friend of mine sent me 5 Harry Potter books. Because of my hunger, I read these novels in a week. I was amazed and lost in the world of Hogwarts.

And this is why I love WordPress blogs, I am never out of a good piece to read 🙂 .


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