Superhero z


A number of doesn’t matter people love heroes. From God to Satan, Superman to Batman (though superman is a god, I wonder how batman can defeat him. Have you seen how fragile this flesh is and against an alien whose skin is so hard bullets bounce of him?). Wait, what does God and the devil have to do with it? Uhm, because good guys and bad guys came from those guys. I mean they are the ULTIMATE hero slash slash dot villain story of all ages.

Now that the picture has been painted, let’s start.

You often hear kids and adults talk about having super powers to save the world. Right? I would catch bad guys and bring justice bluh bluh and a bluh kind of speech. I think they forget that power too often can turn a good heart into 50 shades darker.

Haa Haa Haaaaaaa

Imagine all DC and Marvel heroes and heroines in this reality. Being broke, getting fired from work, being hustled, loving rock music, getting depressed, having to stand in Ques, anxiety, panic attacks and I allow you to think of all the things you hate 😉

Now back to me. If I were to have super powers, the first thing I would do is rob a bank like a boss. Sounds familiar? Great, you are not crazy you are youman or is it human?

Most of us have thought about it (and personally I would not come out and tell a soul that I have super powers and i would stay as far as possible from women). I am positive I was going somewhere with all this.

Sorry for wasting your time. Bye.


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Wonder Woman | Off to Africa to save the starving children in my private invisible jet.

Batman | Still cannot find my parents murderers #PlayboyOfTheCentury

Black Widow | Check out my new twerking  insta video


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