download5.jpgThere she was.

Walking towards me.

Her radiating beauty was still glorious.

She stood in awe and in shock,

Trying to decide what to say first.

I walked towards her and hugged her,

And slowly she swallowed her words down hugging me back.

Why have you ignored me for almost a year?

She asked as I looked into her eyes,

Watching as her soul showed me,

Her tortured mind to a million answers of a few questions.

You stopped replying…

You no longer called…

I have a man now!

Why would you walk back into my life, now?

I could see her pain and her confusion.

And as she walked away,

I prepared myself for another heartbreak.


7 thoughts on “Cycle

      1. Well, I know for a fact you are beautiful. A bit insane yet lovely. And I am positive guys do ask you out. Maybe you are looking for a specific characteristic in a man…

        Liked by 1 person

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