History of a Heart: Jonathan

photo-1467321638755-7246fd0dc1f3.jpgHe is a dark horse in cloaked disguise.

His charm is evident but his plight is only in his eyes.

The sorrow he carries is deep within the soul.

He bears his pain, feeling it deserved.
He is a magician of the illusion he seeks to play.

His mask is worn with a weary cavalier.

The pretence is suspense of the secrets he hides.

He thinks he is covered, but many see behind.
He is a lonely boy roaming the halls at night.

His only company is the torment of his mind’s flight.

The whispers at his side are apparitions of life.

He is more than the smile he wears outside.
He is a prisoner of the darkness he likes.

His delight is captivated by the evil in his sight.

The malevolent grasp has suffocated his breath.

He is fooled by the lies of the voice’s spoken death.
He is a prince walked off royalty’s line.

His name hidden and his duty to the side.

The enemy has convinced him is unworthy to be.

He is only to reach out and truly see.
He is a forgotten son, or so his mind tells.

He thought he left and is eternity’s hell.

The day will come when he is pulled from the mud.

He is now forever a son of our God.

Written by Ashliegh


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