What if?


What if she tries to talk to me?

What if they want me to look at them?

What if I die right now?

Why am I breathing so fast?

What if I have to talk to them?

What if what I said offended them?

What if I was rude?

What if everyone is looking at me?

Wait, she is walking towards me.

I have to smile now.

What if my smile scares her off?

She is about to speak.

Will she say hi?

Do I have to say hi back?

I can do this.

Its just saying hi.

What if she wants to start a conversation?

What if I do not want to talk to her?

I want her to leave.

Should I tell her that she should go talk to someone else?

Will I sound rude?

But that means someone else will come and talk to me.

What if he does not speak and just stands by me?

Why is he smiling at me?

I should smile back right?

Its me being polite right?

Hand, wave right now!

I think I should hug her now.

What if she is being polite and doesn’t like being hugged like me?

What if I smell?

Do I look okay?

What if my migraines won’t stop?

Oh my gosh, he is cute.

What if I am gay?

But I love girls.

What if I am bisexual?

Oh that’s good track.

Why do I love dark things?

What if I fall in love?



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