My choice to Believe




I watch you every passing second

You are the apple of my eye

I love you so much that I forsook my Son

When He became sin and took its punishment for you

I know you love me

And I watch how much it breaks your heart and mind

When you feel like you have failed me


I knew you before you were conceived

Before you were thought of by your parents

I had already designed you

I had molded you in my image

I knew that you will pass through trials

I knew that sometimes temptation will overcome you

I knew that sometimes you will want to do nothing that patterns to Me

You will run to the world for comfort and joy

I knew that you will worship other things and yourself

But I will not stop loving you

I will forgive you and forget when you ask for forgiveness

I will not be angry at you

I have said that I am quick to forgive and slow to anger

Do not compare me to your earthly father

Who will punish you when you disobey

I do not want you to live in fear when you sin

But I want you to run to me when you sin

You are my child and I am your Father

I see past your guilt and your shame

Searching through your heart

Hear me as I whisper that you are no longer condemned



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