Just a thought

creation-basics-young-earth-headerThey say it was because of the Big Bang Theory

And evolution started

But what caused the cause of that Theory

And did evolution get stuck somewhere in-between the years

Doesn’t you believing in that theory make it your god

I chose to believe in YHWH

The great I AM and they can only be Him

I think of the air I breath

How automatically my body works

Breath blood-flow and senses

A babies battle cry of I have life

How our bodies age and our minds dream

How I can imagine and make it reality

The wonders of how science tries to say God doesn’t exist

But ends up proving that the great I AM is glorious


We define Him yet we do not know Him

We doubt His existence for we cannot understand HIm

Have you ever thought of how it is God

And why they ridicule His son Jesus

And never Oh my Allah or Oh my Buddha

God is His title and I AM is His name

But in the end its your choice to believe or to be


Anything can be a god

But the great I am will forever be Undefeated


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