Like in spring

Falling in love with you was exciting

Your beautiful smile and sassy mind captivated me

In every passing moment I wanted to be with you

Stealing glances and kisses

Little walks and long hugs

You were a new feel


Like summer

I was past your beautiful features & searching for something deeper

Your soul

We grew and cried together and your pain become my pain

I was ready to take the next move but


Like autumn

What we had glided to the ground like a dry leaf on a lazy afternoon

All we did was argue and fight

We built walls of mistrust and broken promises around ourselves

And what kept us together before the leaf hit the ground

Was the illusion of lust

We decided to go our separate ways

And my best friend was no more

And when winter came

You had become but a memory

Slowly fading as time passed by

I stare at the stars and always wish you a better spring





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