This is me


The true me is a young man still trying to understand who or what he is. I am one of those kids you see with headphones tightly wrapped around their heads. Maxed out volumes and shutting the world out with depressing music as it slowly feeds on our depressed and tired state of mind. And to be honest I do miss having headphones on but My Mother taught me to be polite to people and so I had to pack them.

I force out this extraversion of a talkative person who is ready to interact, while inside I starve my introversion self. I do not want to hurt your feelings or for you to ask me “what is wrong?”. I hate that question and so I leave my comfort zone so that you do not worry about me. I become extroverted for your sake.

No, I do not hate you. I love people so much I do not understand why I am introverted. And now I feel being pulled back to the silence I am. I can see myself slowly secluding myself from people around me. My heart will break and friendships will be tasted.


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