Lust, Love & A Deity

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Frequently I poured my heart into you.

Every ounce of my energy flowed through, to you.

I was drained yet engulfed in sweet destruction I called love.

And it blindly covered my lust for you.

You eat a part of my soul as I eat a part of yours.

The never ending craving of my body into yours.

Like blood flow through the heart.

That’s all I lived for.

I knew your body more than my own.

I had seen it in ways that you will never see.

I tasted it in every way imaginable.

Your body was all I thought of but disguised in love.

The jokes we would tell each other.

The plans we made in that perfect moment.

We would be normal.

But immediately I could feel your breath, I was lost.

As soon as your lips would caress mine?

And my body exploding in yours?

Time would stop.

The forbidden passion so deep and so sweet.

It lingered all over me.

Every time we would meet, was another soul eating feast.

You fed on me and I loved it.

I made you my Idol, my God.

As our bodies met, I worshiped you.

Blinded by my lust, I exalted you above He, who gives me life.

And now, when I look back,

I see your tears.

I hear your prayers to break free.

I feel your pain as I eat part of your soul.

As I stole countless times what belongs to another man.

I watch how much I drained you.

Instead of being a Man I was born to be,

To lead you to Jesus Christ,

I led you astray as I made you crave for me……

I pray for you. That God heals and restores the part of your soul I devoured.

That you may be made whole and find it in your heart to forgive me.



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