ghosts hand

It creeps in slowly as I put my guard down.

It doesn’t attack but slowly follows me in the shadows.


For at my weakest? It will slowly pierce my heart.

And in that moment, I will try and fight but to no avail.

For as the dark red blood flows out of my chest,

So will all the rage, pain, sorrow and emotions sip out and drag me back.

All the memories and feelings I held back,

I locked them up, I was scared of freeing them.

The kept banging and banging in the cages they were in.

Screaming out of rage to be let out.

And now, they seep out ferociously making my wound grow.

Pushing the blood at a racing rate.

As it goes in deeper? I become immune to it.

I know longer feel the pain. For the toxin I was addicted too.

The rage, pain, hurt and sorrow, flows back in my system.

Tears slowly slide out of my eyes.

My brain can’t understand why. My mind can’t figure out why.

As the creature turns back into the shadows,

It stares at me, smiles and disappears…



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