Dear you.

Will you read this? It’s not rich in words or form and I am sure you’ve heard it before. But  it might be worth your time.

Have you ever cried for a stranger? Not the girl you met on the train or the guy you bumped into but a person you’ve never met or by pass on your way to work or school? Can you cry for that man or woman who begs for food or money in the streets? It’s easy to cry for a loved one or a close friend but who cares about a stranger or that man who hasn’t shaved or bathed in months? People die everyday day. They suffer every passing second. The is so much pain in this world and we have become so immune that we can’t help and when we do we want the entire world to know about it. Pride or we just care to much about ourselves.

Does it bother you that down the street the is a poor little girl, her skin covered in a thick layer of dirt crying to the world for help. Maybe that young man who tried all he could to be someone in life but it just couldn’t happen for him. Has it ever crossed your mind that you have enough so that you can empower someone else? That God blessed you with what you have to bless someone else as well?

Look back. A few years back when you were just beginning.  Yes, right there. Have you seen how far you’ve come? How much you’ve archived? Can’t you give that stranger an opportunity you didn’t have? And when they make it, tell them to help someone as well? No one ever helped me. I did this on my own, you might say. Can’t you make some Else’s journey a bit easier? Imagine if you could help a single person in a day. In anyway you can. Be it giving a dollar to the man or woman who needs it most. Or a  a food gift card to the homeless in your community?

Hold on young man. It’s not my fault that most people are homeless or go to sleep in the cold with no shelter and no food. I worked hard for what I have. And have you seen the economy? I have bills to pay, kids to feed and take to school. I have people who depend on me and you’re asking me add more? Why can’t you do it yourself and see if you wont go bankrupt. Lets see where helping others will take you.

I asked if you’ve ever cried for a stranger. I have and I still do. I have seen people care about there pet more than a human life. But what happened to community? Is it that bad to help out someone no strings attached? Doesn’t it give you joy to help someone once in a while?

I am sorry for wasting your precious time. I know you’re aware of these things. All I ask is open your eyes a bit wider and watch how many people that need help. Even a smile or just saying Hi will brighten there day. The didn’t choose to be where they are.

Please help however you can.

God bless.


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